• Name tag will not be printed for those who will register after Sep. 1st. Please write your name on your tag by yourself (2023/9/1).
  • We cannot accept cash payment at the reception desk. For smooth and quick reception, on-line payment/transfer in advance is strongly recommended (2023/8/31).
  • Updates on Visa information (2023/7/28)
  • Reception and banquet are included for In-person/Conference Only & In-person/ Conference & Short Course fee.
  • In-person/Short Course Only participants cannot attend reception and banquet. 
  • Registration site is now open. (2023/7/1)
  • Registration site opening has been delayed. Please wait a little more for pre-registration and we will open it soon.(2023/6/12)

Registration Site

PHM Asia Pacific 2023PHM Asia Pacific 2023 Registration and Payment Site

Registration Fees

  • The registration fee is payed in Japanese yen.
  • The price includes tax. (untaxable for JSASS regular member)

(Tax included)

(For JSASS regular member : Untaxable)

(~ 2023/07/31)
On-site registration
(~ 2023/07/31)
On-site registration
ProfessionalConference Only70,000 JPY80,000 JPY60,000 JPY70,000 JPY
Short Course Only50,000 JPY60,000 JPY40,000 JPY50,000 JPY
Conference & Short Course110,000 JPY130,000 JPY90,000 JPY110,000 JPY
StudentConference Only35,000 JPY40,000 JPY30,000 JPY35,000 JPY
Short Course Only25,000 JPY30,000 JPY20,000 JPY25,000 JPY
Conference & Short Course55,000 JPY65,000 JPY45,000 JPY55,000 JPY

* Considering the worldwide Covid-19 situation, online attendance is also possible.

** Online participation is also available for those who have registered as “in-person”. The details on how to participate will be announced later on.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Before applying for cancellation, please refer to the following policy carefully.

Cancellations are allowed only if it has been requested on or before July 31, 2023. In case of cancellation, your registration fee will be refunded. The fee that a remittance cost assumes it the burden on participants.

In case the reception and the banquet be cancelled due to an inevitable accident, there is no refund.

Cancellation Fee

Professional20,000 JPY15,000 JPY
Student10.000 JPY8,000 JPY


We can only issue VISA documents for In-Person participants who have already registered and completed the payment. The documents might take 20 business days, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

In case that you cannot make VISA on time, please participate as Online participant. No additional registration procedure is needed. Or if you would like to cancel, pay cancellation fee.