Registration Fees

  • The registration fee is payed in Japanese yen.
  • Prices are not yet officially determined and possibly may change.
Pre-registration Late/
On-site registration
On-site registration
ProfessionalConference Only70,000 JPY80,000 JPY60,000 JPY70,000 JPY
Short Course Only50,000 JPY60,000 JPY40,000 JPY50,000 JPY
Conference & Short Course110,000 JPY130,000 JPY90,000 JPY110,000 JPY
StudentConference Only35,000 JPY40,000 JPY30,000 JPY35,000 JPY
Short Course Only25,000 JPY30,000 JPY20,000 JPY25,000 JPY
Conference & Short Course55,000 JPY65,000 JPY45,000 JPY55,000 JPY

* This category will be available only if the conference is held as a hybrid or virtual conference.