Journal Publications

Selected and qualified papers will be recommended for possible publication in the special issue of major international scientific journals below with peer review after the conference.

Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

International Journal of Prognostics and Health Management

  • To be eligible for journal publication, every paper must be presented during the conference.
  • The review process for journal publication may begin as early as the full papers are submitted, although it can be extended to several months after the conference.
  • Outstanding papers will be considered for journal. The organising committee will invite selected authors to submit their revised manuscripts in a special issue after the conference.
  • There will be additional requests for revision and reformatting of the manuscripts as well as expenses as to the specific requirements of the journals.
  • Further information regarding the journal publication will be provided continually on the conference website.
  • For more information about the journal publications, please contact:  secretariat[at]

Updates (2023/12/11)

We are pleased to announce that invitations for journal publication have been sent out to the authors of selected papers. The prospective authors need to note the following important points:

  • During the preparation of your journal article, please ensure that you integrate new content into your manuscripts, with a recommended benchmark of at least 30% novelty.
  • Your submission will also undergo a new review process.
  • During submission, please explicitly state in “Comments to Editor” that the paper is being submitted to the Special Issue ‘PHM Asia-Pacific’
  • The submission deadline for the extended papers is 15th February 2024.
  • After the review process, the guest editors can only make a recommendation. There is no guarantee that your paper will be accepted for publication. This decision can only be made by the editor-in-chief.

If you submitted a paper to our conference and have not yet received an invitation, we appreciate your understanding and Thank you for your contribution to PHMAP23.