Details about each proposed OS


Session title: Prognostic Discriminator under Uncertainty
Session organizer: Takato YASUNO
Field: Civil Engineering
Full description: PDF


Session title: New trends and challenges in aerospace PHM
Session organizer: Takeshisa YAIRI, Samir KHAN, and Seiji TSUTSUMI
Field: Aerospace Engineering
Full description: PDF


Session title: Advances in System Health Management Advances for Aerial Vehicles
Session organizer: Samir KHAN and Takeshisa YAIRI
Field: Aerospace Engineering
Full description: PDF


Session title: Operationalizing PHM for Airline Customers
Session organizer: Shashvat PRAKASH
Field: Aerospace Engineering
Full description: PDF


Session title: Evolving Smart Manufacturing System by design and implementation of PHM
Session organizer: Makoto IMAMURA and Hidetoshi MISHIMA
Field: Manufacturing System
Full description: PDF


Session title: PHM Applications for Urban Infrastructure Resilience and Maintenance
Session organizer: Ken UENO and Hidetoshi MISHIMA
Field: Infrastructure Systems
Full description: PDF


Session title: Autonomous decision making under complex conditions or situations
Session organizer: Masanao NATSUMEDA
Field: Multidisciplinary
Full description:PDF


Session title: Technologies and methods for achieving Zero Defect Manufacturing in
the era of Industry 4.0 / 5.0
Session organizer: Foivos PSAROMMATIS
Field: Quality assurance, Quality control, Sustainability
Full description: PDF


Session title: AI based PHM for Power Electronics components and systems
Session organizer: Madhav MISHRA
Field: Power Electronics
Full description: PDF


Session title: Information theory as an efficient tool for PHM of machineries
Session organizer: Yongbo LI, Zheng LIU, Khandaker NOMAN
Field: Information theory; Data driven predictive maintenance; Fault diagnosis and prognosis; Condition monitoring; Complexity measure; Entropy theory
Full description: PDF


Session title: Model Based and Big data enabled Predictive Maintenance
Session organizer: Boeing
Field: Aerospace Engineering
Full description: PDF


Session title: Advances in PHM for Tribology
Session organizer: Tomomi HONDA, Osamu YOSHIMATSU
Field: Tribology
Full description: PDF