Organized Session Proposal

Organized Session (OS) proposals are invited for organised sessions at PHM Asia-Pacific 2023. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to present a group of similarly focused presentations on any relevant topic that would be of interest to PHMAP23 participants.

  • Organised sessions may take the form of a symposium, in which there is a set of presentations (4 presentations per block) centred on a specific topic.
  • Each session will be scheduled for an 80-minute block or connected two or more blocks.

Submittal Instructions

Deadline for Special Session Proposal: 31st January 2023

  • Please complete the information below on the session organiser, title, theme and objective, and the list of presenters (4 presenters per block) is required for a proposal of organised session.
  • Submitted proposals are reviewed by the PHMAP23 technical program committee.
  • Due to the limitation of the session block, please understand that not all proposals may be accepted.
  • For proposals of special sessions that are accepted, the organizers are responsible for the moderation of the session at PHMAP23.
  • Procedure, regulations and important dates for extended abstracts and full papers are the same as those of regular sessions.
  • Please download below form (.docx) and submit to the secretariat e-mail.
  • Submission e-mail: secretariat [at]

The list of proposed OS (last updated: 2023-2-23)

No.Title Field
1Prognostic Discriminator under UncertaintyCivil Engineering
2New trends and challenges in aerospace PHMAerospace Engineering
3Advances in System Health Management Advances for Aerial VehiclesAerospace Engineering
4Operationalizing PHM for Airline CustomersAerospace Engineering
5Evolving Smart Manufacturing System by design and implementation of PHMManufacturing System
6PHM Applications for Urban Infrastructure Resilience and MaintenanceInfrastructure Systems
7Autonomous decision making under complex conditions or situationsMultidisciplinary
8Technologies and methods for achieving Zero Defect Manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0 / 5.0Quality assurance, Quality control, Sustainability
9AI based PHM for Power Electronics components and systemsPower Electronics
10Information theory as an efficient tool for PHM of machineriesInformation theory; Data driven predictive maintenance; Fault diagnosis and prognosis; Condition monitoring; Complexity measure; Entropy theory
11Model Based and Big data enabled Predictive MaintenanceAerospace Engineering
12Advances in PHM for TribologyTribology